Intelligent paper: QR video augments printed materials with digital experiences, opening a portal to a world of second screen interactivity.


Publications are displayed with QR codes, once scanned the adaptive engine produced a customised video presentation with associated interaction buttons. After watching the video viewers can take positive actions such as buying a product, reading a set of instructions, subscribing to a service or navigating to a website.


Add value for subscribers with QR-launched video content, explainers and offers. Keep control of your brand in a walled garden, where your content isn't competing with other algorithm-driven videos. Ensure your readers view your clients advertising. Bring your brand out of home and into public spaces via display advertisements, billboards and flyers.


A bespoke, full-featured multichannel Web TV video broadcast platform for commercial and institutional use. Brings businesses and institutions everything they need to launch multichannel video experiences enhanced with QR codes and distributed on the web, digital devices, Smart TV and out-of-home screens.

QR Video Manager - an easy to use back office tool for generating and managing QR codes and video channels. QR Manager allows you to customise QR codes with your logo and brand colours. You can set and change destination URLs, create codes launching emails, audio, offers as well as websites. QR codes scans can be limited, location-specific and set to expire after a set number of scans or on schedule.

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